Comfort and Connectedness 


You've got a tough job.

No doubt there are plenty of housing options available in Rexburg.

Fortunately, our job is to make your job easier. We hope to demonstrate how Crestwood Apartments' awesome location, competitive pricing and featuring *reliable 1GB dedicated fiber optic internet; (transmit and receive data without a dip) perfect for serious students with a need for dependable online connections. All of this makes Crestwood an ideal choice for any prospective BYU-Idaho student.



Crestwood Apartments is a small housing unit but we feature reliable 1GB dedicated fiber optic internet. By providing such a high quality internet service we show that we take your educational objectives seriously; this is an unparalleled service for student housing in Rexburg.

Close to Campus, Close to Downtown, Close to Perfect!


How long does it take to cross the street?  That's how long it takes to get to the heart of the BYU-Idaho campus!  Many of the job opportunities for students are located in the downtown area, just a block away!  


BYU-Idaho Campus 

BYU-Idaho Campus